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  • Jessica Chrystal

'Inside Out 2': A Valuable Resource for Navigating Emotions in Children & Adolescents - Helping Build Emotional Awareness

Recently, we enjoyed a special family outing to watch the beautifully crafted and educational 'Inside Out 2' with our two eldest children. The movie not only captivated us with its vibrant animation and clever storytelling but also sparked some deeper conversations about emotional awareness in children & adolescents. As parents, it's rare to find a film that resonates so well with both adults and children alike, bridging gaps in understanding with every scene. The film was both enlightening and heartwarming, highlighting the ups and downs of growing up through a creative lens.

Inside Out 2 movie scene depicting characters representing child and adolescent emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, and the impacts of suppressing these feelings.
Inside Out 2: A Journey into the Emotional World of Children and Adolescents, Highlighting Anxiety, Depression, and the impacts of Suppressing Emotions.

Inside Out 2 takes us back into the colourful, emotional world of Riley as she steps into her teenage years, a time filled with complex feelings and new challenges. This sequel not only entertains but serves as a profound educational resource, offering insightful reflections on emotional awareness in children & adolescents in a way that parents and children can both appreciate and learn from.

Here’s how the film can benefit viewers of all ages:

  • Exploring Emotional Growth and Complexity

As Riley grows, so does the emotional landscape within her. The introduction of new emotions in the film provides a relatable depiction of how teenagers start experiencing more complex feelings. This portrayal can help parents understand the natural evolution of emotions that their children may struggle to articulate.

  • Practical Insights for Families

The brilliance of Inside Out 2 lies in its ability to turn the abstract nature of emotional and psychological theories into understandable, tangible concepts. By visualizing emotions as characters, the film helps children identify and express their feelings, facilitating a crucial dialogue about mental health between parents and children.

  • The Educational Impact of Emotional Representation

The film’s approach to showcasing a variety of emotional responses highlights the importance of acknowledging and managing each feeling appropriately. It teaches that all emotions have a role and that understanding them can lead to better self-regulation and resilience — key lessons for both children and adults navigating daily stresses and relationships.

  • Fostering Emotional Intelligence

Inside Out 2 provides a platform for families to discuss what might often be considered difficult topics. It opens up discussions on how to deal with feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger, or fear, and emphasises the value of emotional intelligence as a skill that can be developed from a young age.

Inside Out 2 is more than just a movie — it’s a conversation starter and a teaching tool that makes the concept of mental health accessible and engaging. Its portrayal of the emotional challenges faced by a growing child can help parents and caregivers better support their own children’s emotional and psychological development.

So if you are thinking of a tool to engage with your children about their big feelings, consider an Inside Out 2 movie night (See a link for the movie trailer below)! Watch the movie together, discuss the emotions depicted, and encourage them to share their own experiences. This film can be a stepping stone to building stronger emotional awareness and intelligence in your family.




For more resources on helping your child develop emotional awareness or to learn about Mini Minds Child & Adolescent Psychology services, visit our Counselling & Therapy page and our Assessments page.

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