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“If a community values its children it must cherish its parents…” 

~ J. Bowlby, 1951

At Mini Minds Health we recognise the value of parents and care givers in helping raise healthy, emotionally intelligent and successful children. Positive and meaningful early relationships can help children feel safe and secure in this world, ensuring they feel a sense of love and belonging. 

However, parenting isn't easy and all relationships experience challenging times. Mini Minds Health can offer you support if you are: 

  • Finding it difficult to relate to your child 

  • Experiencing postnatal depression and/or anxiety

  • Struggling to navigate the challenges that arise with parenting, such as managing difficult behaviour and struggling to parent with consistency

  • Experiencing changes to your family dynamics 

  • Supporting children with developmental and learning disorders 

Fees for counselling consultations are guided by the recommendations outlined by the Australian Psychological Society (APS). The current recommended fee for a consultation of 45-60 min is $280. At Mini Minds we offer a reduced maximum fee of $250, however this fee may be reduced depending on the experience of the practitioner. 

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